To assist our clients with their expansion plans, BIOPS has partnered with reputable associations that process government funding and help our clients to navigate through the various application processes. Small business funding and a growing cash flow are the keys to expanding business operations.

Once we have developed the right expansion strategy with associated costs, our associates will prepare the application for the required funds. They are the experts in preparing the application as to increase the chances of receiving the funds directly into the financial institution of the applicant. The length of the application process varies depending on the type of grant or loan and the amount. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months but you will be advised before hand as to length of time. Most of our associates have no upfront fee to evaluate your situation and prepare the application. However, there is a small fee once you receive the funds.

When the small business funds are in hand, we move to the next stage and help our clients to roll-out their expansion plans. We want all our clients to be successful and NOT be stressed or hindered by lack of funds for growth.

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