We will take a look at your business with the intentions to improve your cash flow with immediate results. Your business operations should all align to produce a positive cash flow. Over time the natural loss of efficiency will creep in and cause your cash flow to suffer in multiple ways. The obvious is the decrease in sales or the increase in operating expenses. However, there are other leaks in your cash flow that are not so obvious.

By analyzing your operational bottlenecks using lean 6 sigma methodologies, we will unleash performance enhancements with the re-engineering of your business processes. BIOPS will advise and assist your staff to roll out new operational processes to sustain long term positive cash flow improvements.

As an outsider, we can provide you an unbiased point of view to bring a positive change to your organization. Our goal is to efficiently convert your sales into a steady cash flow using industry best practices.

We will advise and assist in your Pursuit of Operational Perfection (P.O.P.)™ through proven methodologies developed with industry expertise. It all starts with bench-marking your current operations using specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Once we have a base-line for your operations and understand your vision, we will develop the right operational strategy.

Our consultants solve real-life business problems with long-term positive cash flow results. They will spearhead cost reductions and launch new revenue generation initiatives, while mitigating risk. With regular scheduled performance reviews and better designed operating controls you will be able to stay the course of improving profitability and growth each year. When planning for the new fiscal year, we can facilitate a fresh perspective with a brainstorming strategy session for your key personnel. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a medium sized business with years of success, it’s always a good idea to have an unbiased sounding board when developing an operational strategy. From developing your sales to improving customer deliverables, we have you covered and will provide sound advice with measurable results.

Maybe you are at the stage that you need to start thinking about succession planning to keep the business momentum growing from one generation to another. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) polled its members recently about when they planned to exit their businesses, almost 2/3 said they would do so in the next decade. That’s a huge number of businesses, but the same CFIB poll found that barely 10% of entrepreneurs had any sort of formal plan in place to make it happen. Our succession planners will review with you all your options to either keep the business with a successor or sell to a prospective buyer. If you choose to sell the business, we will assist in getting the most value by preparing the business for sale. It’s an action that needs to be taken and could be fast approaching.

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