Many businesses rely solely on the financial reporting and analytics provided through their accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Sage Accpac, or industry specific platforms. In most cases these applications provide standard individual reports that haven’t changed for decades and you need more to run your business. Some of these financial reports may take hours to generate and still need to be brought into a spreadsheet to be further manipulated before they are useful for making good business decisions. Some accounting applications may capture information that can’t be displayed in their standard “out of the box” reports so your accounting department has to slave for hours or days to get you the information you requested through manual capture and double data entry. More time has to be spent to validate the information in the reports for accuracy as systems or humans can make errors. The right information at the right time is crucial to running your business.

We automate reporting so you spend the time running your business and not running time-sensitive reports. This is especially important if you are a start-up or a small business that doesn’t have an accounting department. We make sure you are capturing the right data and quickly presenting it to the right people, to make the right decisions.

Many businesses have separate applications for their various business functions that don’t share the data required for management reporting. We have data connectors that allow easy extraction of information for reporting, which reduces the man hours required to prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports. Also, we make sure you have clean data coming in and going out in the reports. You have to capture the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to have reports show the true picture about the performance of your business. The wrong decision effects your bottom-line.

Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytics is the key to understanding your business. You may have data in multiple applications, formats or locations but no way to quickly access or understand the information to make good business decisions and stay competitive. With BI or visual analytics, you can easily see at a glance the health of your business by monitoring Key Performance Indications (KPI) specific to your business or industry in a customized dashboard. Have immediate access to real-time information from multiple locations or business functions in one spot.

There are many BI or visual analytics platforms such as Tableau, Qlik, SAP and etc. Many of these platforms require a team of developers to get the right information to the key decision makers. Also, you have to consider the on-going cost of hosting these platforms either on-site or in the cloud.

We have solutions for customers that are either just starting out or are a medium-sized business with static reporting through their accounting application such as QuickBooks or others. These solutions grow with you as your business grows. Our solutions will provide you:

  • Customized dashboards that you can quickly design yourself or have us design them for you.
  • Multiple data types easily accessible for analyzing trends and performance at a glance.
  • Company Visual Stations (CVS) to keep teams or departments focused and motivated towards positive results.
  • Secure cloud solution so you can access your information from anywhere your business takes you.
  • Affordable total cost of ownership with a lower price point of entry and manageable as you grow.

We think that every size of business should have the right information at their finger tips to make the right decisions and grow the business.

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